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Charitable Funding Towards

Music Education In The Swindon & Wiltshire Area

Charitable Funding Towards Music Education In The
Swindon & Wiltshire Area

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We’re in the running for a top cash prize of £100,000 thanks to the PersimmonHomes BuildingFutures scheme in partnership with TeamGB. Please vote for us to win and help us change lives: https://www.persimmonhomes.com/building-futures/finalists

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Ukranian Youth Choir!

Swindon Music Trust are very proud to be fully funding the new Swindon Ukranian Youth Choir!

Giving displaced young Ukranians in Swindon and the surrounding areas a fun and social activity where they can make new friends, and enjoy the company of compatriots in a safe environment.

Please do come along to the Spring concert: Pattern Church, Penzance Drive, SN5 7JL at 5pm
(Adults £5, Under 14s Free)

What We Do

Swindon Music Trust was formed in 1998 and provides access to funding for instrumental lessons on-line, at home and in school. We believe passionately that all children should have access to quality affordable instrumental tuition.

Many of the children we support  have special educational needs, are from low income families or are children in care. We support those who come from economically deprived areas or whose families are on benefits as well as supporting adult learners who are in receipt of benefits. 

We assist schools by providing part funding in order that they may run whole class music for all ages, and general music lessons in a school setting. 

Swindon Music Trust also supports and provides funding for music therapy sessions for children and young people. You do not need to be referred by a GP to apply for funding towards music therapy sessions. If you are looking for a qualified music therapy practitioner, please visit the Swindon Music Co-operative who have several experienced practitioners specializing in special needs (e.g. ASD, learning difficulties), social difficulties and building social skills, emotional difficulties (such as trauma and attachment issues), communication issues (e.g. select mutism) and looked-after children and their carers.

Our funds come solely from donations and applications for funding are assessed on the application meeting the funding criteria as set out in the application form.

piano music lesson
music therapy session


Schools get extra funding for every child eligible for free school meals (FSM), every looked-after or previously looked-after child and children of service personel.

Eligibility Amount (per eligible child)

Primary aged pupil eligible for FSM, or who has claimed FSM within past 6 years


Secondary aged pupil eligible for FSM, or who has claimed FSM within past 6 years


Looked-after and previously looked-after children


Service premium (parent serving in armed forces or on a MoD pension)


Although it is up to school leaders to decide how to use the funds, the government advises the use of a tiered approach focussing on teaching, academic support and wider approaches. Within wider approaches, “music lessons for disadvantaged pupils” is specifically mentioned.

If your childs school receives a pupil premium for your child, we encourage you to have a conversation with them about the possibility of funding music lessons.


Sharon Cullum

Sharon Cullum

Graham Mattingley

Graham Mattingley

Richard Couldridge

Richard Couldridge


To apply for funding for music tuition, please fill in and submit this Funding Application form.

Please read the policy and conditions document which clarifies eligibility and conditions.

Also, please note that funding is not guaranteed and the decision made by the Board of Trustees is final.

If you would prefer to print off and mail in your application, please find the downloadable form here.

If you are looking for an approved teacher, consider the Swindon Music Cooperative.

To apply for funding for a school/institution, or to apply for funding towards music therapy sessions, please contact us directly.

Funding Application

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Please Consider Donating

As a not-for-profit charitable Trust, the Swindon Music Trust relies entirely on donations in order to be able to fund its bursaries.

You can donate in a variety of ways:

One-off Donation

We appreciate that times are hard and you may not be able to commit to a regular donation. We thank you for any amount you can donate, no matter how small and rest assured, your contribution will make a difference.

Recurring Donation

You can easily set up a recurring donation of any amount and choose to donate weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly.

Gift Aid

If you are a UK tax-payer and making a donation as an individual, you can choose to Gift Aid your donation(s) which will increase your contribution by 25% without any cost to you.
Gift Aid information

Offline Donation

If you would like to donate without using online payments, we would be very pleased to accept a cheque. Please make the cheque payable to "Swindon Music Trust" and mail the cheque to Swindon Music Trust, Astoria House, 165/166 Victoria Road, Swindon, SN1 3BU.

Passive Donation

If you shop via Amazon, please consider shopping through their Smile initiative:

Amazon donate 0.5% of eligible goods when you shop through their AmazonSmile programme. Find out more here.

Donate Directly With Your Credit/Debit Card

...Or Donate Through The "Give as you Live" Platform

Donate through Give as you Live Donate


You are eligible for partial funding if the following criteria applies. Your child is in receipt of FSM (please ask your child’s school about funding prior to applying to Swindon Music Trust), is a Pupil Premium or is a looked after child. We also offer partial funding to children with Special educational and behavioural needs/disabilities.

In the majority of cases, for instrumental/vocal tuition we will fund £5.50 per lesson.

For instrumental/vocal tuition, you can apply for funding by completing the application form. You may either complete the online funding application form or you can also download and print off the form to fill in. Please email your completed form and all supporting evidence to ku.oc.tsurtcisumnodniws@nimda. If you are applying for lessons via the Swindon Music Co-Operative, please visit www.swindonmusiccooperative.co.uk for an application for music lessons.

Swindon Music Co-operative offers 15, 20 and 30 minute lessons. Lesson times, costs and durations can be found on the application form. Other tuition providers may offer other lesson lengths. The lessons length should be arranged between yourself and the teacher, so the best lesson length to suit your child can be found. We will fund £5.50 per lesson regardless of the lesson length chosen.

Yes you can cancel lessons. If your tuition is being provided by Swindon Music Co-operative, they will require 4 weeks’ notice once term has started and your child may attend these lessons if they so wish. Any lessons paid for after the cancellation period will not be provided and those lesson costs will be refunded to you. Tuition from other providers may have different cancellation requirements. In either case, you must inform Swindon Music Trust by emailing ku.gro.tsurtcisumnodniws@nimda at the same time you inform your tuition provider.

As this has a bearing on how many lessons will be received, yes. You should advise the teacher, Swindon Music Trust and, if your tuition provider is Swindon Music Co-operative (SMC), the SMC office as soon as possible of any unplanned absence, like illness. For planned absences such as holidays etc you need to give the teacher 7 days’ notice if your child cannot attend due to a prior engagement.

Yes. If your tuition provider is Swindon Music Co-operative, you can do so by emailing them with your instruction to amend the lesson length. Other tuition providers may have other processes.

Yes. The Trust maybe able to help with costs for instrument hire.

All lesson or learning queries should be addressed to your child’s teacher. The Trust will monitor attendance, repeated failures to attend may mean the funding is withdrawn.

Swindon Music Trust girl musician with flute


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